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SEO Services

What good does it do to have a website if the only one that’s going to see it is your grandma? The search engines need to find your beautiful creation and the only way that is going to happen is if you optimize your website.

Here are the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services that we offer:

  • Onsite Optimization – The first place to start when optimizing your website for the search engines is by optimizing the website itself. Some of the factors that search engines are looking for when ranking a website are content, clean code, appropriate meta tags, and more. Before you can begin even trying to get ranked on search engines you must start here.
  • Offsite Optimization – This is the process that will determine where the search engines will rank your website based on the importance that they deem your website to have in relation to your niche. This includes link building, article writing, social marketing, press release submissions, and many other techniques that can greatly improve your search engine rankings.

Between these two forms of optimization we can help you outrank the competition and make sure that your website shows up at the top of the search engines when people are looking for you.

Here’s a case study for one of our recent clients:


weedthemesWeedThemes, a business selling wordpress themes and offering web design services tailored to the medical marijuana industry, needed to establish a web presence in order to compete in this growing, highly competitive industry.

After designing a professional looking website for them we began the SEO process with onsite optimization techniques followed by an aggressive link building campaign in order to get their pages ranked high on Google.

Within just two weeks we achieved not only several dozen first page rankings but the majority of pages were actually ranked in the top 3 positions on Google for the main keywords they were targeting.

Here’s the proof! Click on the links below to see the actual rankings on Google for each keyword term they now rank for.

marijuana wordpress themes Position #1

marijuana website themes Position #1

cannabis themed websites Position #1

marijuana website templates Position #2

dispensary website design Position #3

As you can see WeedThemes.net has top positioning for all of these keyword searches and this was achieved in less than two weeks. While many seo companies will string you along for months at a time, some charging as much as $2500 a month or more, without showing you actual tangible results, we believe that with the right seo strategy it shouldn’t take years to get the results you’re seeking. Of course, the more competitive the keywords the more work it will take but it’s all about making the right moves and we know what we’re doing so don’t waste your money on companies that make empty promises. Let us take your website to the top!

For a free consultation regarding our seo services call 760-409-9122 or fill our contact form and we’ll call you back asap in order to give you a free customized proposal and seo plan!

What Our Clients Say About Us...

"No matter how busy he is, he will get back to you VERY fast and really use some of his creativity to enhance your site beyond what you had planned for it. That is how he WOWED me the most."

Lav Bouta, Owner ~ Tee Time Clubs

“Great, great job. Extremely prompt and responsive. I especially appreciate your enthusiasm for the job and going above and beyond what was asked. Thanks!”

Chris Wicke, Kidzibit

“When my previous web guy left me in a lurch, Aaron came to my rescue and QUICKLY! You can trust him to get the job done right, on time and with some added pizzazz. I don’t need to search anywhere else, I’ve found my web guy for life!”

Jill De La Torre, Owner ~ Mink Vixen

“Aaron did an amazing job on my website. I highly recommend him.”

Steve Cory, Author – The Reluctant Warrior

“I have been very happy with Aaron, especially his ability to communicate. He made very valuable suggestions which resulted in a final product that is functional, good looking and satisfies my expectations. I am looking forward to work with him again in the future if new needs should arise. ”

Labula Chinese Restaurant, Bellevue WA